Complete Stone Restoration

We at Prestige Stone Care specialise in the complete restoration & protection of all natural stones including Marble, Granit, Onyx, Travertine, & Limestone as well as all man-made engineered stones such as Corian, Silestone & Dekton, to your desired finish.

With a relentless attention to detail, Prestige Stone Care’s team can remove all possible stains and scratches restoring the natural lustre and brilliance to your stone. Comprehensive repair works can be carried out if required prior to polishing followed by the sealing of the stone with an impregnating sealer to assist in the prevention of future staining. For a more comprehensive longer lasting protecting we recommend.

With our specifically tailored process Prestige Stone Care has perfected it’s on site polishing of natural and engineered stone in controlled work environments, ensuring full protection to the exclusive luxury interiors within which we work.

This highly skilled work is carried out on site with minimal inconvenience/downtime and producing spectacular results.

Isolated Repair Work

For those emergency situations Prestige Stone Care’s specialist team are able to carry out isolated repairs to see you through to your next yard period:

  • Stain removal
  • Removal of etching
  • Repairing of cracks or chips
  • Removal of scratches and much more

Professional Stain Removal
From red wine to rust our team are experienced at removing stains while protecting the stone from further damage. When locating a stain our recommendation is to take photos and seek our professional consultation before attempting to tackle it yourself.

Professional AntiEtch™ Protection
Marble is one of the most elegant surface types you can have in your home, yacht or commercial space.  It’s cool and bright, extremely popular and it goes with any decor.  Acid-sensitive stones like marble, limestone, travertine, and onyx are prone to etching?  When acidic substances come in contact with these stone types, the acid actually begins to eat away at the surface, which creates dull spots known as etching. An etch is not a stain and cannot be prevented by using even the best penetrating stone sealer and only MORE™ Surface Care AntiEtch™ is the only product on the market that finally solves this problem.

What Causes Marble Etching? Everyday items that you use in your kitchen such as lemons, vinegar, coffee, wine, and soda or in your bathroom, like toothpaste, perfumes, certain cleaners, and lotions can quickly cause an etch mark.  While it’s certainly possible to repair etches with traditional sealers, the process can be labor intensive and expensive. Most importantly, the repair does not protect against future etching. Prestige Stone Care is the officially approved applicators of MORE™ Surface Care and their revolutionary AntiEtch™ coating and highly recommend applying it to protect your most precious surfaces.   ➛ Find out more about AntiEtch™

Repair Works

Joint Replacement

Silicone Joint Replacement

Using specialist silicone joint sealants for stone our team will remove the existing silicone where required, and apply replacement joint sealants to protect your stone.

Hygiene Cleans

In food preparation areas it is recommended that we apply MORE™ AntiEtch™ protective coating that not only prevents etching but it also forms a long lasting antibacterial barrier that prevents any solution from penetrating the normally porous stone. Or you can opt for a bi-annual professional hygiene clean works to deep clean the stone before applying a new layer of impregnating sealer.

Hygiene Cleans

Tile & Grout

Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning and Sealing

Perfect for bathrooms and high traffic areas, tile and grout can be nearly impossible to keep clean. Routine cleaning can eliminate surface dirt and mould; however, if these contaminants get into the grout, it can leave your tile dirty and unsanitary.

The expert technicians at Prestige Stone Care are professionally trained and certified in tile and grout restoration. Our full-service process provides the highest level of cleaning possible with our residential and commercial tile and grout cleaning.

What is involved in Tile & Grout Restoration?

  • Removing all movable furniture from the area
  • Pre-treating tile and grout with our green, child and pet safe cleaning solution
  • Scrubbing the area to break down any soil or residue
  • Pressure cleaning the tile and grout
  • Applying sealant to the grout to increase its life span
  • Clear Grout Sealing

Would you like to make cleaning your tile and grout easier in the future? We can apply a clear, professional-quality grout sealer that will fill in the tiny holes of your grout, making it almost completely non-porous and much easier to keep clean.

Our expert technicians at Prestige Stone Care have an extremely effective cleaning process and will seal your grout with the highest quality sealer available.

Free Consultation

Whatever your requirements we are at your service, always happy to come to your property, restaurant, hotel, bar or onboard your yacht and provide our expert advice and guidance for all your surfaces. 

Consultations and itemised quote preparation are free of charge and with no obligation.

Free Consultation