Restoration & Protection for Residential Properties

Whether you are a Homeowner or Property Manager, we will be happy to meet with you for a FREE consultation and discuss your needs.  Residential Stone Cleaning and Regular stone maintenance will preserve the natural beauty of your Marble and Granite and keep it looking beautiful all year-round.


Residential Marble Restoration

No matter what area of your house, from entryways to bathrooms and countertops, keeping your marble clean and stain-free can be a hassle if you are not experienced with proper marble cleaning techniques.

Marble requires the most intensive care and attention to the finer details. It is important to have proper, proactive maintenance to ensure that your marble stays at its best no matter what comes your way. From kids and pets tracking dirt and mud over your marble floor, to bathroom walls becoming subjected to layers of dirt and steam over time, understanding how to maintain your natural stone surfaces will ensure longer lasting marble in your home. Should your marble need a deeper clean to restore its original lustre, contact Prestige Stone Care for all your home’s marble needs.