If you have marble inside your bathroom, chances are it’s in your shower or sink. Both are used several times a day and may end up with stains from the build up of hair and body wash products as well as water over a period of time. These products tend to include chemicals such as alcohol, acidic ingredients, as well as waxes and fragrances.

These are all able to set in and fully stain your marble, and, if left for an extended period of time, can eat away at the natural stone, causing chips and dents.

Regularly wiping down the marble in your shower, bath, and sink and drying with a squeegee will help prevent the buildup of any damaging chemicals over time and keep your marble radiant. Keeping beauty products off your marble will also help prevent runoff from the bottles which can cause staining.

Should your marble lose its lustre over time, Prestige Stone Care can make your marble shine again. From diamond grinding to remove impurities, to honing and powder polishing to remove damage, your marble will be like new. For maximum protection against etching and staining we recommend that all vanity tops are coated by our technicians with MORE™ Surface Care AntiEtch™


Marble and granite are beautiful and exotic stones – it only makes sense that we use them for surfaces in our bathrooms. Lately we have seen a large demand for onyx and limestone as well. For marble bathroom polishing and granite cleaning, sealing, and restoration, call Prestige Stone Care.

There are several major reasons to professionally service your natural stone – and Prestige Stone Care, can do that for you!

  1. Beauty products that are used in showers such as cleansers and soaps usually contain waxes and fragrance. With continued use of these items, the stone collects these products on its surface, which can lead to discolouration and staining. Diamond grinding and honing will remove these impurities from surfaces.
  2. Toothpaste and mouthwash contain alcohol. All of those spots and splashes that land on your mirrors and countertops will slowly etch your stone and make it dull. Honing and polishing will help to remove this damage and restore its original lustre.
  3. Hair spray, perfume/cologne, and contact lens solutions also contain acidic ingredients that will etch your stone. Powder polishing will generally fix this issue.

For a more permanent protection against etching and staining we recommend that all vanity tops are coated by our technicians with MORE™ Surface Care AntiEtch™

Several ways to preserve the sheen of your stone in your bathroom include:

  • Using coasters for glasses that you use to rinse.
  • Clean and wipe the counter top areas around your sink when you are done using them.
  • Use trays to hold your beauty products that remain on the top of your granite vanity or marble surface.
  • These will prevent the run-off of your products onto your stone.
  • Rinse your shower walls and floor after you are finished using it. Then squeegee the walls and floor dry to prevent soap-scum and residue build-up.