Living Rooms

It’s a luxury to have marble decorating your living room, but in such a high traffic space a number of different contaminants can be absorbed into the natural stone with regular use. From dirt and dust to food crumbs collected over time, these can stain and chip the beautiful marble that may be the first thing a guest sees upon entering your home.

With such high traffic on natural stone, it’s important to treat your marble to regular cleaning.

To preserve your marble, use a gentle cloth or scrub to clean off surface dirt to remove the daily impurities that can settle on your floor. Over time, you may find your marble needs a little extra TLC to return to its natural lustre. Prestige Stone Care can provide diamond grinding, honing, restoration, cleaning and sealing to make your stone look breathtaking.


It is a simple luxury to have marble and natural stone in your living room, which may be the focal point of your home. It is even more enjoyable when the stone in this area looks its best! From limestone, marble and travertine to onyx and granite – or sometimes a beautiful blend of all or some of these stones, they really make a statement.

Prestige Stone Care takes pride in making your stone look breathtaking; not just after a service, but for the life of the stone. We offer many services such as: diamond grinding, honing, restoration, cleaning and sealing for all stone surfaces. Whether you have granite or onyx bars and fireplaces to simply marble and limestone floors for Living Room Marble Restoration, we will continue to create shock-and-awe reactions for you and your guests as soon as you step foot into your stone living rooms.

Make sure to dry dust-mop your living room floors to remove dust, sand, and dirt from these surfaces – which abrade the finish. Only use neutral pH stone soaps when damp-mopping or cleaning these areas with water. It is very important to dry your stone after every wet cleaning as well. For maximum protection against etching and staining we recommend that all tables and countertops are coated by our technicians with MORE™ Surface Care AntiEtch™.