Bars & Restaurants

When it comes to bars and restaurants, it can be challenging to weigh the overall benefits of installing a luxurious marble or stone countertop or floor with the negatives of dealing with everyday food and drink spills. With any natural stone, accidents that aren’t properly treated can cause long term damage to the area as chips grow and stains set in deeper. From a shattered plate to spilled glass of red wine, accidents happen and your marble will eventually tell all the tales of your guests if not maintained on a regular basis.

Prestige Stone Care will bring your natural stone and terrazzo flooring and fixtures back to looking new again while providing regular maintenance to keep the marble or stone at your high standards. Whether extensive repairs, restorations or deep cleans are needed, or regular polishing for protection, we’ll restore and protect your marble against future accidents.


If you own or manage a Restaurant or a Bar, then you know the many challenges that face you relating to cleanliness and safety on a daily basis. Marble polishing for restaurants at Prestige Stone Care not only knows how to make your stone “BLING” like a diamond, but also the secrets to keeping it clean and slip-resistant.

We will provide you with a FREE estimate for bringing your natural stone and terrazzo up to the high-standards that you require – as well as customise a maintenance program to meet your property’s needs.
Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. specialises in the following surfaces: Granite, Marble, Terrazzo, Limestone, Travertine, and Onyx.