Foyer, Floors & Staircases

Dealing with stone foyer floors and staircases can be much simpler than working with your bathroom and vanity stones. Most stone foyers and staircases only deal with such things like major scratches and scuffs due to general wear and tear from people walking on them.

Fortunately, most foyers and staircases are generally made with Siliceous stone. This means that the stone is a bit more resilient and less fragile than other stones, which is great for high traffic areas that may require a deeper cleaning or restoration.


You can use such things like Marble Polishing Powder and Etch Remover on the foyer floors, but it is always advised to coat the floor in a sealant. Depending if the foyer is directly linked to an open-air seaside face, it is always best to use an impregnator instead of a regular topical sealer. Either way, make sure to get a deep clean on the foyer floor to get all the scuffs and scrapes out. You can even use a Buffer to finish it all off, and keep it looking in tip-top shape.

Don’t have the product, man power, or machinery? Our marble restoration and cleaning specialists will come to wherever your yacht is located to make it easy for you.