Exterior Bar, Dining etc.

There are many different types of stone that can be used onboard superyachts and yachts to enhance its luxurious style and grandeur. There are generally two different categories that stone is put into, Silicieous or Calcerous, with each one there are important factors to consider when cleaning and restoring your stone.

When dealing with interior or exterior stone on yachts, the main factor that affects marble damage or erosion is the amount of acids that the stone may encounter. With interior stone its staining and etching problems can generally be subdued and minimalized with careful cleaning and protection. On the contrary exterior stone such as walls, dining and coffee tables, bars, if left uncleaned, untreated, or simply not given the proper maintenance attention, may require hard stone stain removers along with a mixture of different buffs to get the deep stains, etching and scuffs or markings out of the stone. With exterior stones unlike interior stones they are effected by two major factors the first being it’s environment and being exposed to the harsh salt water spray that etches into the stones surface, due to the salts acidity and the exposure to the sun affects and the constant changes of heat throughout the day and night. The second is its usage with generally more spills and stains from drinks and foods taking affect, this combined with the sun and the salt water environment means exterior stones require a different more detailed process than interior stones when cleaning, restoring and protecting.

Contact our trusted professional marble restoration and protection company to professionally revive and protect these sensitive areas. We will work with you to ensure your stone is restored and protected. We recommend seeking the professional services from our yacht marble restoration specialists to ensure you do not, further irreversibly damage your stone by using the wrong type of products in the future, so you will not have to replace it for years to come.

Do not forget to ask us about our More AntiEtch product for maximum protection against etching and staining. We recommend that all counter tops, bars and tables are coated by our technicians with MORE™ Surface Care AntiEtch™. With over 30 years experience of working onboard yachts we take the upmost pride in our work restoring and protecting the beauty of natural stones, so it will always looks as good as did from day the yacht was launched.