Property Management

If you have any type of property, you know that having a beautiful, sparkling, dust and stain free marble reception makes a striking visual appearance and must be maintained properly for that wow effect.

Lobbies, staircases and elevators are the most common places for marble and are also the most heavily traveled spaces, and with regular foot traffic through these areas, the surface of the natural stone can wear down and lose its lustre over time. With regular wipe downs and gentle care, your marble will be sparkling in the short term but will require regular deeper treatments to prevent stains and dents from setting deeper.

Prestige Stone Care provides non-invasive and efficient marble cleaning and restoration solutions to keep your marble like new. With regular service plans, we will help keep your elegant natural stone polished and restored on a proactive basis to keep your marble shining.


Prestige Stone Care from Residential Tower block lobbies and Office Buildings to Hospital marble flooring and Government buildings – we are your full service marble polishing and stone restoration company..

Having a beautiful granite or marble lobby is a thing of beauty if maintained properly.  In most cases, your building or properties common-areas endure a lot of foot-traffic and heavy wear-and-tear.  Prestige Stone Care can implement a non-invasive and cost-effective service plan for your professional maintenance needs – and we can also instruct your in-house cleaning staff to use the best products and methods for interim and daily cleaning.

Another area of commercial properties that endure a beating are elevator floors. Floods of people are constantly walking in and out on these flooring surfaces several times each and every day. If not polished or restored on a proactive basis, you may find the need to replace this stone sooner than later.

We utilise mainly dust-free methods and practices for servicing commercial properties, for the convenience and safety of your residents and patrons.