Bathrooms: Vanities, Floors, Tubs & Showers

Marble and stone inside of bathrooms and other such areas are some of the most difficult areas to keep clean. This is because the stone in such areas is more susceptible to getting stains and scratches simply due to everyday usage.


How often have you been in the restroom, and absentmindedly placed your items on the countertop by the sink, or harmlessly splashed the marble around the sink with water? Although these seem quite harmless, they can be extremely damaging to your marble and stone tops. This can be even more damaging when it’s one of the Calcareous stones, which tend to stain much more easily. (Scroll down to learn about different types of stones/marble)

To combat this, it’s important to first identify the types of stains, such as water spots and rings, as well as some inorganic stains from things like soaps or shampoos in the showers and baths. To take these out, make sure to do proper multiple treatments with a stone stain remover, or a marble polishing powder, although we recommend seeking service from our yacht marble restoration specialist to ensure you don’t further damage the stone irreversibly. For maximum protection against etching and staining we recommend that all vanity tops are coated by our technicians with MORE™ Surface Care AntiEtch™